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You meditate.

Beautifully designed meditation
that come to you everyday.

The easy way to get meditation into your day

Live more, stress less, sleep better.

Sent To You

Simply open your text message and meditate. Skip the scroll of apps.

Selected For You

Get personalized meditation designed to fit with your goal and meditation experience each day.

Better Every Day

Progress your meditation from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels.

How it works

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Take a short intro survey to assess your needs.

First 30-day focus

In the first 30 days, get a custom plan to address the most pressing area of improvement for you. For example, the assessment may conclude that Stress Reduction is your priority number 1.

Daily peace

Receive a link to meditation that follows your customized plan via text message each day.
Open the link when you are ready to meditate.

Weekly themes.

After 30 days, each following week of the custom plan has a new theme. The themes progress you through learning deeper mindfulness skills and applying them to improving areas of life.

Start with 10 minutes a day.

Receive the link to meditation in your text message.

No need to log in or download an app.

Simply click the link and meditate.

Go at our own pace.

If you get behind, no need to quit.
Pause or repeat a week of meditation until you are back on track.

On-demand meditation for your mood.

Request a meditation at any time of the day by texting Peach.
For example: “focus”, “relaxation”, “sleep”.

Your journey

A preview of the first four months

Month 1


You’ll learn to be here & now. Bye stress, hello focus.

Month 2

Unrolling Feelings

Start a new relationship with your emotions. See them, accept them, free them.

Month 3

Balancing Thoughts

Knock, knock. See thoughts as visitors. Hello, then let go.

Seeing The Good Side

Month 4

Mastering Intentions

Out of autopilot to own your life. This isn’t new age, it’s focus, action, habit results.

Pick your option

Peach Premium Yearly

  • SAVE 50% compared to Monthly plan.
  • New daily meditation sent via email & text messages.
  • Unlimited sleep stories.
  • Text 24/7 to get a meditation for your need.
  • Text to pause or repeat your meditations.

Peach Premium Monthly

  • New daily meditation.
  • Unlimited sleep stories.
  • Text 24/7 to get a meditation for your need .