21 Day Mind Cleanse

Give the gift of love and positivity for 21 days!

Give someone the gift of mindfulness so that they will:

  • Start their day with a good mood. Easy-to-do meditation that gets someone in a good mood for the entire day.

  • Relax at night with a good sleep. Relaxing sleep stories to ease them into sleep.

  • Be sure to succeed. 3000+ users have benefited from Peach already.

Buy this for someone, and get one FREE for yourself.

Better together

Buy one 21-Day Mind Cleanse now for somebody. And get one free for yourself.

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How it works


Complete your purchase of the 21 Day Mind Cleanse.

Pick a date

Select a date to send the mind cleanse. Include a gift message.


We notify the recipient about your gift in their email. S/he opens it and signs up.


 And is ready to meditate. You get one mind cleanse for yourself as well!

What To Expect

A sneak peek into the program.
7 Days Topic
Day 1 Cut Out Distractions
Day 2 Quiet The Noise In Your Head
Night 2 Relax and ease into the night
Day 3 Building Resilience
Day 4 Cultivating Compassion
Night 4 Unwind for better sleep
Day 5 Unrolling Feelings
Day 6 Dealing With Negativity
Night 6 Freeing up thoughts
Day 7 Develop habits and achieve results
Night 7 Celebration of the first week!
Week 2 Review and deepen the practice from Week 1
Week 3 Learn how to be here and now. Eliminate stress. Improve focus.

Develop habits and achieve results.

Program end Celebration and tips on continuing mindfulness in life.

 30% Off. Regular price: $37. Now till Dec 30.

Start And End Your Day In A Good Mood

The mornings and nights are the most important times of your day. That’s why we make sure you set them up with mindfulness.

10 Minutes A Day

Learn how to meditate. Easy to follow steps.
Be guided to go from beginner to intermediate
and advanced levels.

Mindfulness Experience

Listen anywhere Meditation stories + Relaxing music.
Designed to enlighten your day with great energy.

Sleep Stories

Nowhere else would you find the same stories.
Meditation techniques combined with sleep-inducing binaural beats.
Clear up thoughts and ease into sleep… effortlessly.

Sitting Meditation – Day 1

 30% Off. Regular price: $37. Now till Dec 30.